Repair Centre

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that accidents can happen. Cars break down, bicycles end up with flat tires and sometimes one might develop a  problem with their Swegway. Fear not, for the team at is here to help you, no matter the issue. Everything from a puncture to a battered looking exterior are issues that our repair team can easily resolve and leave your Swegway in shining new condition.

Our repair facility is located in London and we’re therefore able to reach a great amount of people who are in need of help with their Swegways. It doesn’t matter if the Swegway won’t start up due to technical issues or if the wheels have gotten themselves a real beating. Our experienced and committed mechanics can fix it in no time. Whether you’re in need of repairing already existing parts or would like them to be replaced with a new brilliant exterior, we’re on it.

The first thing you do after noticing a problem with your Swegway is sending it our way for an assessment. When this is done we will either repair the Swegway to its former glory and return it back to you on the following day, or you receive a quote from us and we repair the Swegway with the parts that are available to us.

It’s of utmost importance to us that you’ll be able to return to riding your Swegway as soon as possible and we therefore have everything that you might need at

No need to worry, as the repair gets finished in no time. With our experts at your service we’ll make sure that the repair is a pleasant experience for everyone involved and that you can soon get back to riding your Swegway again.